5. Oval Tub and Cover.
"The Wanderer". Leeds Pottery. 1750-1825. 7" long x 3.5" high. £270
3. "View of London" soup tureen body
"View of London" Soup tureen body. featuring the River Thames and St. Paul's Cathedral, and the long demolished Shot Tower". Thomas and Benjamin Godwin 1809-34. £385
4.  Comport. 15"x5".St. Alban's Abbey"
"St. Alban's Abbey Hertfordshire". "Antique Scenery" series. Zachariah Boyle. Hanley.Staffordshire. 1823-28. £195
1.  Soup Tureen. 3 British Views. 1820's
Stand. "Plas-newyd. Wales.Marquess of Anglesey's Seat". Tureen body. "Killruddery Hall, Wicklow. Earl of Meath's Seat". Lid. "Shugborough Hall, Staffordshire. Viscount Anson's Seat". Thomas and John Carey. 1823-42. (Some restoration). £495
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