Tableware - Flat
18. Ancient Tomb of Boglipore".
"Ancient Tomb of Boglipore. Oriental Scenery Series. 1830. Tea plate 7". £160.
17.  Culford Hall, Suffolk
"Culford Hall, Suffolk". Dinner plate 10". Andrew Stevenson. 1813-30. £180
16.   Platter. "Westminster Abbey".
"Westminster Abbey" platter ". "Ecclesiastical Border" series..
15.   Rural Haystack scene. Soup plate 10".
Bagster's Vignette. John Denton Bagster. 1823-28. £135
"14.   Reaping". Dinner plate. 10".
"Reaping". Bagster's Vignette. 1818-23. £140
13.   "Faulkborn Hall". Dinner pl`ate. 10"
"Faulkborn Hall". Clews Staffordshire Warranted. SOLD
12.  "Fonthill Abbey , Wiltshire". Dinner plate. 10".
"Fonthill Abbey, Wiltshire". "Clews Warranted Staffordshire". SOLD
6. Unusual divided Serving Dish. 12".
"Gothic Ruins". A rare divided serving dish with an indent for salt? "Pountney and Allies." Bristol. £260.
7.  Chinoiserie dish. 8". Double printed.
Unusual chinoiserie dish. 8". Double printed scene.of oriental family by a river. Minton. 1820's. £145
8.   Fish shape dessert dish.
"Eastern Street Scene". "Riley's Semi China". (Restored. Back of handle). £175
9.    "The Reader".Dish 8".
"The Reader" pattern. James and Ralph Clews. Early 19th century. Floral border and inner border. £155.
11.   Sauce tureen stand. "Arundel Castle Sussex".
"Arundel Castle Sussex". "Antique Scenery" series. Zachariah Boyle 1830's. £145.
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