28. Platter. "Aesop's Fables.
"Dog in the Manger". Aesop's Fable series. Copeland and Garrett. 1833-47. £320.
22. Durham Ox plate.
"Durham Ox" series. 10' Dinner plate. 1820's. (Minor glaze restoration). £275.
5. "Grazing Rabbits" Soup plate
Soup bowl. Maker unknown. 1820's. 5 available. £180 each
4. "Fox and Lion" dinner plate.
Dinner plate 9.75". "Fox and Lion". Aesop's Fables series. Copeland and Garrett. 1833-47
3. "Cattle and River" Dinner plate. 10".
Dinner plate. "Cattle and River". Charles Heathcote and Co. 1818-24. £165
27.  Ballooning plate.
Hydrogen Balloon Ascending over Georgian Crescent. Grape border. 1830's. £370
25.  SOLD. Platter. "Kimberley Hall.
"Kimberley Hall, Norfolk". 16.5" platter. "British Views". Fruit and Flower Border" series. Henshall 1805-25. Feaures prominent stags and other deer in the parkland of a large country House. £520
20. SOLD
"View of London" soup plate. 7.5". Features River Thames and St. Paul's Cathedral. Thomas and Benjamin Godwin 1809-34.
26.  Platter. "Langley Park, Norfolk".
"Langley Park, Buckinghamshire". "Fruit and Flowers Border" series. Henshall. 1805-25. A country house with wading cattle and a gentleman with his dog. £295.
17.  Culford Hall, Suffolk
"Culford Hall, Suffolk". Dinner plate 10". Andrew Stevenson. 1813-30. £180
13.   "Faulkborn Hall". Dinner pl`ate. 10"
"Faulkborn Hall". Clews Staffordshire Warranted. SOLD
16.   Platter. "Westminster Abbey".
"Westminster Abbey" platter ". "Ecclesiastical Border" series..
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