26.  Platter. "Langley Park, Norfolk".
"Langley Park, Buckinghamshire". "Fruit and Flowers Border" series. Henshall. 1805-25. A country house with wading cattle and a gentleman with his dog. £295.
28. Platter. "Aesop's Fables.
"Dog in the Manger". Aesop's Fable series. Copeland and Garrett. 1833-47. £320.
22. Durham Ox plate.
"Durham Ox" series. 10' Dinner plate. 1820's. (Minor glaze restoration). £275.
5. "Grazing Rabbits" Soup plate
Soup bowl. Maker unknown. 1820's. 5 available. £180 each
4. "Fox and Lion" dinner plate.
Dinner plate 9.75". "Fox and Lion". Aesop's Fables series. Copeland and Garrett. 1833-47
3. "Cattle and River" Dinner plate. 10".
Dinner plate. "Cattle and River". Charles Heathcote and Co. 1818-24. £165
27.  Ballooning plate.
Hydrogen Balloon Ascending over Georgian Crescent. Grape border. 1830's. £370
17.  Culford Hall, Suffolk
"Culford Hall, Suffolk". Dinner plate 10". Andrew Stevenson. 1813-30. £180
13.   "Faulkborn Hall". Dinner pl`ate. 10"
"Faulkborn Hall". Clews Staffordshire Warranted. SOLD
16.   Platter. "Westminster Abbey".
"Westminster Abbey" platter ". "Ecclesiastical Border" series..
2..Soup tureen stand. "Spetchley Worcestershire".
Soup tureen stand. "Spetchley Worcestershire". "Acorn and Oaklleaf border" series. John Meir. £270
11.   Sauce tureen stand. "Arundel Castle Sussex".
"Arundel Castle Sussex". "Antique Scenery" series. Zachariah Boyle 1830's. £145.
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16.   Platter. "Westminster Abbey".

"Westminster Abbey" platter ". "Ecclesiastical Border" series..